Areas of Specialization 
Drama & Theatre Arts, Cinema, Television and Photography


Drama & Theatre Arts 
I was a pioneer member and the organiser of the first ever street drama group in Sri Lanka 1975. I Formed the OPEN ART CIRCLE in 1980in order to continue the work done by the Street Theatre Group in a broader manner. The vision of a mobile theatre capable of reaching the underprivileged in rural areas initiated in my mind during this period. Produced number of award winning dramas at the state drama festivals including the Best Direction and Best Script. 


Scripted and Directed number of short and feature films winning national level awards for scripting and directions. ‘SiriMedura’ (The Mansion) represented Sri Lanka at France, Japan and Madras International Film Festivals.  


Scripted and directed number of short tele-dramas (tele-films) and series tele-dramas winning national and international awards including Best Script, Best Direction, Best contribution for the TV media and most popular tele-drama of the year. His creations stood out from the contemporary tele-dramas as they discussed miserablepredicamentof middle class families and a disorientedyounger generation due an out dated educational system without proper focus. These tele-dramas still enjoy high viewer ratings at repeat telecasts even after 30 years. 


Special interests 

  • Environmental protection and preservation 
  • Applying all forms arts and culture for social integration and promoting ethnic harmony 


Environmental preservation
Conducted an yearlong survey on ‘Muthurajawela’ considered as one of the three geological monuments in Sri Lana and produced an education documentary funded by Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka, Produced MANUKAKA PURA (City of Human Craws) in 1994on environmental pollution in City of Colombo (Direction), MIHIMADALA GINIWADIE (Earth Ablaze) – 2000Serialized Tele-drama Based on research on de-forestation andenvironment pollution around the ancient “MinneriyaReservoir” and its catchments area, GIRI DERANA (Hilly Earth) - 2001- (Direction) For the Upper Watershed ManagementProject on Soil Erosionissue of the upper catchment areas in the hill country


Applying all forms arts and culture for social integration and promoting ethnic harmony - In 2003 Janakaraliya Multi Ethnic Theatre Group was formed with the view to promote ethnic harmony and inclusiveness in Sri Lankan society through cultural application. The group has successfully brought the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim drama and theatre fans to the same performing space by producing all Janakaraliya dramas in both national languages. Some of Janakaraliya dramas represented Sri Lanka at international drama festivals such as ‘New Delhi International Drama Festival, Multi Format International Drama Festival, of Karnataka and International drama festivals in 


Distinctive Recognitions Locally and Internationally

  • ‘Kala Shoori’Presidential Award - 2006
  • Presidential Literary Award – 2010
  • SPECIAL JURY PRIZE from the Golden Chest International TV Festival and Competition of Sofia, Bulgaria in 1985
  • TRANSTEL PRIZE - Prix Futura International TV Festival and Competition of BERLIN in 1986 
  • SILVER PRIZE from the 26th Competition of Cine andVideos on Japan in 1995 
  • Drama Group "Janakaraliya" selected among the 10 best Cultural Groups in Asia-Pacific Region by the "Freedom To Create international" competition held in 2010
  • Parakrama has been appointed Assigned Secretary (CSN) Theatre for Social Change Network (SCN) of Committee for Cultural Identity and Development (CIDC) in 2016 
  • Invited as the chief guest of the ‘Multi Format International Drama Festival, of Karnataka, India held in the city of Mysore,Februryn2017and bestowed with great admiration and tribute by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Karnataka. Citation for conferring such honour quoted his commendable services to drama and theatre. The curtain raiser of the festival was his maiden drama ‘Sekkuwa’.


Personal data 

Name for the field of arts – Parakrama Niriella 

DATE OF BIRTH - 18thApril 1949

Address – 238/A, Rajagiriya Road, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka

Contact telephone – +94-112-872718, +94 773175638

Civil status – Married