In addition to being one of the best video production houses in Sri Lanka, The Video Team is also one of the country’s best event management specialists handling some of the biggest events in Sri Lanka’s history.

The TVT Event crew’s speciality is developing concepts and designs to complement the clients’ needs. Our experienced and highly talented creative and art directors, administrators, logistic experts and experienced coordinators have the capacity to handle any eventno matter how big or complex it may seem.Our main clients include Unilever Sri Lanka, ANCL, CIC, DSI, Ceylon Pencils and other corporates and multinational organisations.

TVT’s venture in to event management was actually by accident. We had just finished the successful production of an informative video for the Ministry of Information which was highly appreciated by everyone. The SAARC Media Conference which was to be handled by the Ministry was going nowhere and the date of the conference was approaching fast. This was when the Secretary to the Ministry requested the TVT team to help them out. 

Our Creative Director who had a considerable amount of experience in handling events for Air Lanka, together with our Art Director worked overnight and developed a simple yet attractive concept which was approved by the Ministry in just half an hour. The event was an outstanding success. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Some of our main events include:

  • Presidential Cinema Awards – 2017
    - Completion of 70 years for Sinhala Cinema – A felicitation for the industry for being active for 70 years 
    - Revitalizing the prestigious Presidential Cinema Awards on behalf of the artistes and professionals working in Sri Lankan Cinema Industry after an 08 year desertion 
    - Ushering Sri Lankan Cinema to the Digital Era to be in par with world cinema by official endowment since last year  
  • Science and Technology for Society – 03 days’ workshop – September 2016
    Event Management of a 03 days’ work shop with the participation of 100 scholars and scientists from 22 powerful nations of the world organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research to;

    Foster excellence in science and technology
    Promote high-tech industries and
    Integrate Sri Lankan industries into the global value chain

    Approximately 40 of these scientists are expatriate Sri Lankans working in the aeronautical and medical science fields in world renowned institutions and some of them are patent holders of highly regarded modern scientific inventions including the field of medical science. The Forum aims to foster relationships between these expatriate Sri Lankans and the local science and technology community.

  • DeyataKirula
    Sri Lanka’s annual mega event organised to coincide with the Independence Day has been organised by the TVT Event team every year since its inception in 2007. From the initial concept and designs, to the total management of the event, the TVT Team runs the entire show including the media zones which the Company handled in 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012.