Over the years, The Video Team has been involved in some major publicity campaigns in Sri Lanka; significantly contributing to our nation’s well-being. From the initial conceptualisation to the media strategy, implementation, launch and evaluation of the campaign’s success, our experienced media strategists will help plan out your campaign from A to Z.

Given below are some of the main publicity campaigns in Sri Lanka handled by TVT over the years.

‘Husma’ (Breath) Campaign for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources

The campaign was launched to educate the public about the critical bond between the environment and all living beings.


Technical Education Development Project (TEDP)

The Project was one component of the national reform of the vocational education and training sector in Sri Lanka and it was planned at strengthening national economic development through a greater use of human capital in technology related industries. The TVT team handled the creation of the logo, motto, scripts and story boards for TV, Radio and Press Advertisements, Preparing Media Plan and Scheduling through electronic and print media, planning and constructing Hoardings throughout the island, printing Posters, Brochures, Banners and Organizing workshops for Industrialists, School Teachers and Students in 25 districts.


Ministry of Media and Mass Information

The TVT Team handled the Concept, design and providing materials required for the Fourth Meeting held for the Heads of National TV, Radio and News Agencies of SAARC Countries. Our work involved Designing concept and Artworks for Agenda, Invitation cards, Envelops, Identity cards, Dockets and Dinner Invitation, Arranging cultural show with the participation of Maestro Dr. Amaradeva with orchestra, supplying Sound System for musical performances.


Situwili Sri Lanka

Organised by the DSI Samson Group from 1995 bi-annually for school children especially from under privileged districts and areas.


Publicity Campaign for the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption

The TVT team handled the Concept development, production of TV and Radio spots to launch an awareness campaign for the Commission to Investigate Allegation of Bribery and Corruption to coincide with the international anti-corruption month.


Awareness Campaign for the Department of Export Agriculture (1997-98)

Among the main objectives of this campaign was to inculcate right practices among growers and businessmen engaged in the export agriculture sector, make farmers, growers and businessmen marketing oriented in their practices and muster public participation by making them aware of benefits of export agriculture . The TVT team helped create the TV, Radio and Print media campaign for this project.


‘Mihi Mandala Gini Wadie’ (Earth Ablaze)

This campaign revolved around a multi episode tele-drama focusing exclusively on the environment and the various issues plaguing the earth such as deforestation, global warming and environmental pollution. During this campaign, we also facilitated the establishment of environmental societies called “Wew Daruwo” (Children of Lakes) in schools that later evolved and expanded into other areas as “Haritha (Green) Societies”.  The project also involved a mega art competition on environmental protection for which nearly 50,000 school children participated.


Upper Watershed Management Project – 2001

The focus group of this project were the Farmers and Landholders living in sensitive areas of the Upper Watershed. Interaction with the Youth and School Children living in the area was done in order to enhance their knowledge in Natural Resource Management and Soil Conservation. A research was also conducted and a series of docu-dramas were produced on the subject along with live radio campaign with farmers based on the docu-dramas.


Ministry of Education – CLC Project

The main objective was to create awareness on Computer Learning Centres (CLC) funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and introduced by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs at secondary level schools in several districts including North and the East. Our work involved creating awareness among parents and students that it is a sharing responsibility of the community to sustain the computer centres and handling sundry maintenance and making available the stationery required by the students.