The aspects that go in to the pre-production phase of a movie, commercial or documentary is of utmost importance. It will have a direct impact on the quality of the output as well as the success of the production.

Pre-production aspects include script planning, model selection, film location selection, hiring of equipment, the budgeting process and more. TVT’s Pre-production specialists will advise and guide you every step of the way.

Post Production

TVT’s state of the art studios and facilities located in the heart of Sri Lanka’s capital city provides a wide variety of production and post-production related services.  Some of the post production services available at our in-house studios include:


Film editing is indeed a unique art. It is an art of storytelling done by linking two or more shots together to form an arrangement, and the ensuing linking of these arrangements to create an entire movie. It is also the only art unique to cinema, separating filmmaking from the many other forms of art that preceded it (such as photography, theatre, dance, writing, and directing). Editing is also referred to as the ‘invisible art’ and when it is done to perfection, the viewer becomes so engrossed in the movie that they are not even aware of the work of the editor.

Over the years, from linear editing to non-linear editing TVT has been the flag bearer leading from the front, carrying the reputation of Sri Lankan Cinema industry across the world. We are indeed blessed to have the no. 1 film editor in Sri Lanka, Mr. Ravindra Guruge as our Chairman who constantly guides and assists out team of expert editors and creative directors. This enables us to deliver the best motion pictures and commercials in Sri Lanka.

Animations and Visual Effects (VFX)

With the ever changing technological advancements, the expectations and demands of the traditional movie-goers has also changed drastically.

The Animation and Visual Effects team at TVT will help create stunning visuals and special effects that are simply ‘out of this world’. Our experts will understand your requirement and deliver a perfect product that’s ready-to-go.

Sound Mixing and Dubbing

Sound Mixing and Dubbing is an integral part of movie production and involves selecting, cutting and editing of dialogues and sound effects to match and enhance the visual image.

TVT currently offers 2 post production theatres, ADR, Foley, narration, mixing and international dubbing facilities. In fact the post production audio facilities at TVT rank amongst the finest in Sri Lanka. Our team of experts bring vital skills and creative talent to every project TVT works on. In fact, no awards ceremony in Sri Lanka goes past without our mixers and editors being recognised for their vital input into film, television and commercials throughout the country. This in itself is a testimony to our quality of work. We also work with a number of companies in India to ensure that our clients always get the best output they require.