Documentary production in Sri Lanka is indeed a niche market and The Video Team is certainly way ahead of the rest when it comes to this niche. The TVT team of experts has in fact handled many local as well as international documentary production projects which have been recognised for their effectiveness and professionalism.

Given below are some of the documentary productions handled by TVT in Sri Lanka.

International Documentary Productions

Swashakthi (Self Reliance) Rabobank Foundation of the Netherlands and Sanasa of Sri Lanka

The documentary focused on the similarities and differences of the development of co-operative systems in the Netherlands and in Sri Lanka during the past 100 years. Shooting and research was done by TVT in Sri Lanka as well as the Netherlands. The Rabobank Foundation used this documentary as the Curtain raiser during their Centenary Celebrations.

UNIDO Vienna and BOI Sri Lanka

TVT produced an investment promotion documentary under the title of “Sri Lanka – The South Asian Opportunity” to attract overseas investors from America, Britain, Germany, France, Japan and Korea. The documentary was produced in English and translated to German, French, Japanese and Korean languages. TVT has produced asimilar documentary on ‘Sitawaka Industrial Zone’ funded by JAICA.
Kabuki – Great Traditions in a High-Tech Society

This documentary was produced to introduce the making of Kabuki and Noh Dramas of Japan to Sri Lanka and the world. This documentary won the Silver award at the 36th Competition of Cine and Video on Japan in 1995. This documentary was shot entirely in Japan.

Sri Lankan Documentary Productions

Ministry of Education and Asian Development Bank

TVT helped conduct a mass awareness programme for the Ministry of Education and Asian Development Bank on the implementation of Computer Assisted Learning Methods in Sri Lankan schools. A single documentary with a 15 minute duration and 02 public awareness spots were produced by TVT for telecasting. The documentary will serve as an introductory video clips for overseas donors of the Ministry.

Promotional Documentary for Link Natural Products

The purpose of this documentary was to promote Link Natural Products as a herbal healthcare producer to international markets. This initial documentary was mainly on corporate image building. The documentary was presented in Malaysia. Similar documentaries as product promotions are to be produced targeting different international markets.

EA1P Environmental Preservation Projects

TVT produced a series of ten 30 minute documentaries for EA1P on environmental preservation projects carried out by them. The Documentary served as a mass awareness programme for telecasting and also as an information media for the donor (World Bank).

Upper Watershed Management Project

TVT produced a series of six 30 minute documentaries (Dramatized plus informational) for the Upper Watershed Management Project as a mass awareness programme for the public on soil erosion and its effects and on soil and environmental preservation methods.

Department of Export Agriculture

TVT helped conduct a mass education and awareness programme targeted at farmers for the Department of Export Agriculture to promote pepper and cinnamon cultivations as an export crops.